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Same Day Courier - Overnight Courier
Milton Keynes Same Day Courier - Milton Keynes Overnight Courier - BKSXPRESS

BKSXPRESS meets the unique courier needs of businesses located in Milton Keynes and the rest of the UK:

  • Courier services to the UK and Europe.
  • Your shipments must leave NOW and they must be delivered IMMEDIATELY.
  • The entire delivery process must ensure that your business image is represented in a professional manner.
  • The delivery experience must result in 100% satisfaction for both you and your client.

BKSXPRESS has become one of Milton Keynes’s prominent Sameday and Overnight delivery specialists, offering a full portfolio of products and services designed specifically to exceed your courier needs for all shipments and deliveries.

Using Cutting Edge Technology

Our delivery team is empowered with integrated, leading edge technology that offers you the following benefits:

  • Real-time tracking over your packages every step of the way.
  • With our Telephone Ordering System you can easily:
    • Place orders.
    • Track packages.
    • Request shipment history.
    • Manage your Same Day and Overnight shipments at the end of the phone.

Our advanced technology infrastructure ensures that BKSXPRESS can effectively and efficiently get your shipment to it's final destination on time – every time.

Understanding Courier Markets & Service Essentials

An understanding the true nature of courier markets in the UK environment is the foundation of our service. The result is a streamlined, super-fast, ultra-reliable courier service that gives you the confidence to effortlessly manage your Sameday and Overnight shipments.

Commerce thrives daily in over 160,000 cities globally – and BKSXPRESS has the experience, alliances and ability to seamlessly service each of these core locations.

Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Service

We truly value our clients and have made it our mission to develop products, services and policies that simplify the process of shipping.

Our employees, delivery specialists, and management team are dedicated to ensuring that your service experience is exceptional from pick-up to delivery.

Each day our team delivers much more then your shipments. We proudly deliver your own professionalism and dedication to exceptional service to your customer.

We are constantly striving for superior results, ensuring that you and your customers are completely satisfied with every delivery.

Same Day Courier - Overnight Courier

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